List of Public Beach Access Points

There are Public Beach Access Points at the West end of each of the streets listed below. If driving, please note that parking situations will vary. The locations below that have an * are those that have a beach shower available for use.

  • 8th Ave N
  • 7th Ave N *
  • North Lake Drive
  • 6th Ave N *
  • 5th Ave N
  • 4th Ave N
  • 3rd Ave N
  • 2nd Ave N *
  • 1st Ave N
  • Central Ave
  • 1st Ave S
  • 2nd Ave S *
  • 3rd Ave S *
  • 4rd Ave S
  • 5th Ave S *
  • 6th Ave S
  • 7th Ave S *
  • 8th Ave S *
  • 9th Ave S
  • 10th Ave S *
  • 11th Ave S
  • Broad Ave S
  • Pier Parking is located 1 block S on 12th Ave S *
  • 13th Ave S
  • 14th Ave S
  • 15th Ave S *
  • 16th Ave S
  • 17th Ave S
  • 18th Ave S *
  • 19th Ave S
  • 20th Ave S
  • 21st Ave S *
  • 32nd Ave S
  • 33rd Ave S *

Other beach access points and beach parks include:

Usage Fees:
All of the Public Beach Access Points listed above are free to use; however, available parking in the vicinity, if available, may require a fee if you do not have a Collier County Beach Parking Sticker. For more information about beach parking, please click HERE.

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Hours: Most beaches are open sunrise to sunset, but be sure to check the hours for the beach you plan on visiting.