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Welcome to Concierge Connection and Club Card! This site is specifically tailored and updated for the area you are visiting, providing you with a comprehensive guide and resource to plan, and ultimately, make the most of your stay!

Click on one of the Discounts categories at the top of the page to find valuable discounts and deals at some of the best local establishments around, but don’t forget to bring along the physical or digital Club Card that you received upon check-in or with your booking confirmation e-mail. A Club Card is needed to access any and all discounts mentioned on the site. To make life easier for you whilst enjoying your vacation, digital versions of the Club Card work just as well as a physical card. Save a screenshot of the below Club Card image on your phone, or simply pull up a webpage on this site with an image of the Club Card to show when you are ready to take advantage of the offered discount.

Be sure to take a moment to browse through the Local Info & Resources section to find out more about the area and all that is offered, including weather resources, information about local parks, recreation, museums and more, an up-to-date events calendar for the area, information about local public transportation, flight information for airline companies servicing local airports, and even a section dedicated to providing a brief history and a handful of fun facts about the area!

If you still have any questions, visit our Club Card FAQ page for more in-depth information.

Our platform is fully optimized for mobile browsing, enabling you to have a digital tour guide and resource wherever you go. For on-the-go access, navigate to the URL listed below, or scan the QR code with your smartphone. This information is also available on your Club Card and in your booking confirmation e-mail.