Why partner with us to add our Concierge Connection & Club Card platform to your hotel or location?

Once you realize the full range of benefits that can be attained by adding our platform, you’ll be asking yourself, why not?

  • Our digital platform offers an added value for your guests; valuable discounts at various local businesses with key information about those businesses provided at your guests’ fingertips.
  • Our Concierge Connection solution will liberate your front desk staff from having to answer questions about the area. In addition to great discounts at local businesses, our framework features a collection of pages and links dedicated to providing tailored information about local parks, museums, attractions, weather, public transportation information, flight info, history and fun facts about the area, as well as an event calendar with information about local events.
  • The better overall experience a guest has, the more likely that guest will return. Providing information about the area and enabling your guests to take advantage of great discounts at some of the best local establishments will serve to enhance the guest’s experience and cultivate a personal connection to the area that will have them itching to return.
  • Partnering with us also has the benefit of helping local businesses, stimulating the economy of the area, and serves to help integrate you and your establishment into the social fabric of the neighborhood.
  • With all of these benefits, you would think that it would cost a pretty penny to add our concierge services, but, on the contrary, we offer our services free of charge to our host locations. This is truly a win-win for all parties involved!
  • We also offer digital information boards and customized touch-screen kiosks for placement in lobbies or other high traffic areas that provide access to our Concierge Connection platform in a streamlined and easy-to-use manner. This enables your guests to have a readily available and easy to use resource for comprehensive information about the area and local establishments.

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