Let Rhino Group Networking Solutions, LLC help you with your next fundraiser! By revolutionizing fundraising for the 21st century, we can help you reach your goals like no one else.

We have paired our tried and true digital platform with a fully developed fundraising program to provide a fundraising product that can offer more value and higher revenue streams for fundraising entities than competitors. The Rhino Club Card is the culmination of years of work refining our digital platform and carefully crafting a superior solution to the fundraising industry.

We make fundraising easy. With limitless savings and discounts from local sponsors that are valid all year long, even after multiple uses, why wouldn’t you buy it!

We enable you to raise more money per sale than competitors. Absolutely zero upfront costs, and we will provide you with all necessary selling supplies. Another added benefit is that there is no need to return to each purchaser to deliver the goods ordered. All sales are completed and fulfilled during the first interaction.

Most fundraising events make all of their money during the event itself. With Rhino Club Card, we give you the ability to make the bulk of your money in the same way; but, with our online refer a friend program, you can continue to passively make money year-round, beyond your actual fundraiser.

We are here to assist fundraising groups in size from 1 to over 1,000, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more!