Q: Where can I get a Concierge Club Card?
A: To acquire a physical card, stop by the front desk and ask for a Concierge Club Card.

Q: If I forgot to bring my Club Card with me, can I use a digital version?
A: Absolutely! Digital versions of the Club Card work just as well as a physical card. Whether it’s a screenshot, webpage pulled up on your phone, or the Card image in your booking confirmation e-mail, an electronic copy will do the trick.

Q: Is there any way to access Concierge Connection from my phone?
A: Our website is fully optimized for mobile on-the-go browsing. Scan the QR code with your smartphone, text bonita to 24587, or simply type in the web site’s URL, both located on the back of your Concierge Club Card and below.

Q: How do I take advantage of the various Discounts and Deals?
A: Simple! Just show your physical or digital Club Card at any participating business, and you will automatically be given the Discount or Deal offered.

Q: Does my Club Card only work for the area that I’m staying in and is printed on the card?
A: Nope! Your Club Card will work for any and all areas that we are active in. While your card may have a particular city and location-specific URL listed, it will work for any and all discounts listed on our various Location sites. Please note that discounts offered by multi-location businesses may only be valid at the location that is listed.

Q: Are the Concierge Club Card and related services really free?
A: Yes! Both the Concierge Connection web platform and related Club Card are completely free to access and use!

Q: Do I need to sign up or enroll in any sort of program or mailing list to gain access to the Concierge Connection and Club Card?
A: Nope! You are never required to enter your contact or personal information to gain access to any of our services. You are offered access to the Concierge Connection and Club Card services as soon as you book your stay with any hotel or place of lodging that has partnered with us.


If you have any further questions, feedback, or would like additional information, please feel free to contact us!