Do you own a local business? Are you effectively advertising to tourists in your area?

Hotel guests eat, drink, shop, and play, but will it be with you?

If you are not reaching tourists in your area, you could be missing out on a lot of potential income!

  • Tourists spend on average 8 times more on vacation than they would if they stayed home.¹
  • 96.4% of tourists consult the web for information about the area they are visiting.² We offer an effective means to boost your digital presence and reach tourists through their research medium of choice.
  • For less than a penny per potential contact, you could have the ability to reach up to, if not over, 25,000 – 250,000 tourists per month within a single advertising territory.³
  • 85% of people use coupons⁴, yet advertising via snailmail (colloquially referred to as “junk mail”), only offers a response rate of 1.1 – 1.4%⁵. Let us help you implement a more effective form of targeted advertising.

Our digital advertising platform, located within local hotels, resorts, and other high traffic locations, provides you with a unique opportunity to reach new markets and subsequently expand your revenue and business. We target your potential customers as soon as they book their lodging through a link to our local Concierge Connection embedded directly into their confirmation e-mail, upon their check-in, in the lobby, and on the go! You will be gaining the benefits of multiple avenues of advertising all for one low price.


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² Research Data Services
³ Calculated using the average hotel occupancy rate of 65% and the average of 2 individuals per room provided by the U.S. Hotel Lodging Industry multiplied by the typical range of rooms we service in each of our territories.
⁴ Fox Business
⁵ Harvard Business Review